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Strata Roofing was set up by a new senior management team whose aim was to gain benefit from the positive historic reputation of their previous companies. The business recognise new challenges and are using their business experience and expertise to initiate a new vibrant, compliant, and sustainable company which is best suited to twenty first century facilities management.

Strata Roofing have been successful in securing term maintenance contracts that have facilitated immediate long-term order book security, rolling recurring income generation and corresponding positive cashflow.

Strata Roofing provides roofing services predominately, but not exclusively, to the social and private housing sector. Services include roofing repair and maintenance, residential refurbishment, void clearance and specialist roofing services to all sectors, including residential, commercial, and educational premises. 

Strata Roofing strive to have a strong but sustainable growth, while investing sensibly in developing and growing the business, accumulating office and storage space, ITC and website infrastructure, specialist plant and vehicles.



Strata Roofing provides specialist roofing services to the private and social housing sectors to include flat and pitched roof coverings, gutter and roofline replacement, and liquid applied membranes to roofs, balconies, and walkways.

For planned re-roofing and property refurbishment programmes we liaise closely with all stakeholders to ensure we plan our work to attend site as soon as it is ready for us and complete the work in a timely fashion. Our level of flexibility and communication is attractive to customers to keep their projects on programme in an industry where trades must work concurrently, and projects are prone to delays or design variations at short notice.



The market for repair and replacement of roof coverings particularly is self-perpetuating; roof coverings will need to be replaced as they fail. There is significant social and political pressure to provide high quality housing, not least in the rented and social housing sector, and our one stop shop turnaround facilities management offering is very attractive to property portfolio owners and managing agents.


Our market is determined by geographical areas, and we now have teams based in Cambridge and London to extend our scope of customers. Out target market areas are East Anglia, East Midlands, and the home counties. However, we do serve any location should our client contract scope require this. As an example, we provide planning refurbishment and repair works currently on individual properties in the South coast.

The competition for this work is strong, but we win the vast majority of works we tender for, because we run a low-cost business, have good relationships with our suppliers both in terms of price and quality and employ a good quality and flexible work force. 

From company inception we have focussed the business on winning contracts with customers that will offer repeat business, or long-term duration contracts. The contracts we hold with these customers provide regular work at pre-agreed scheduled rates, which cuts down on the administration costs of surveying and quoting for works and are all set at profitable rates.

We are keen to maintain our reputation for specialist roofing works where the market is strong, especially in the buoyant Cambridge area. This is a market where we have a strong presence and existing client base that can be extended over time.