Strata Roofing offers a wide variety of built up flat roofing systems from the leading suppliers.

A built up flat roof is a means to effectively weatherproof your flat roof by applying one or more extra layers of bituminous roofing felt, each of which is bonded to the previous layer by various methods. Both lightweight and resilient, our built up flat roofs are designed to prevent any settlement cracks from reducing its waterproofing effectiveness.


Strata Roofing works only with the leading suppliers of built up flat roofing systems these systems are accredited by a vast range of major industry bodies and are widely recognised as being industry leaders.


There are various methods of bonding the layers of bituminous roofing felt, but at Strata Roofing we concentrate on the two approaches we’ve found most effective. These are torch applied systems and self adhesive systems.


In torch applied systems (sometimes referred to as torch on or torch down) the layers of bituminous roofing felt are heated and partially melted, making them bond together when they solidify. These systems are highly resistant to moisture and require very little maintenance.


With self adhesive systems, the layers of bituminous roofing felt are prepared with an adhesive surface, allowing them to be bonded together without the need for any heat to be applied.


We also install tapered insulation for flat roofs. This is designed to counteract a flat roof’s natural tendency to allow water to pool, which can cause long-term damage. Tapered insulation creates a natural fall, allowing the water to run off.


At Strata Roofing  we’re approved installers for the many top suppliers we work with, as well as being a member of the competent roofing scheme  We’re also part of the NFRC Safe 2 Torch campaign, showing our commitment to minimising the risk of fire when using torch applied systems on flat roofs.


Strata Roofing offers insurance-backed guarantees on all the work we carry out. For more information about our built up flat roofing systems, why not get in touch with us?