Strata Roofing staff are trained to use this specialist equipment to ensure that the roof is intact and with full integrity. Electronic roof testing can detect a leak in a flat roof membrane to within a millimetre even if the leak is the size of a pinpoint. This makes it highly effective in leak detection without being invasive or disrupting the existing membrane or roof.

The equipment can be used in wet or dry conditions. In wet conditions detection relies on the fact that existing roof membranes do not conduct electricity and so will detect a leak as moisture can pass through carrying electrical conduction with it. In dry conditions a stable DC current is passed via a phosphor-bronze brush across a non-conducting membrane. Leaks can be detected by an audible tone and also by observing a spark form the brush.

Electronic roof testing can be proactive in that newly installed flat membrane roofs can be checked to ensure that the workmanship is acceptable and reactive when checking existing roofs that display signs of leaking.


Can be used in wet or dry conditions

Compatible with most flat roofs

Finds any size of leak

Highly accurate

Cost effective

Non invasive