Strata Roofing supplies high-quality green roofing systems from the leading manufacturers.



Green roofing for flat roofs is increasing in popularity for a number of reasons:


They make use of space that’s usually wasted in an increasingly crowded environment.

They provide an excellent recreational space.

They promote biodiversity.

They provide an extra layer of natural insulation for your roof.

At Strata Roofing we provide both extensive and intensive green roofing systems from leading manufacturers.


Extensive green roof systems are aimed at those who want to use their flat roof to encourage biodiversity and provide insulation without requiring regular access to the roof. These systems use the beautiful  sedum to provide an excellent, low-maintenance covering which will increase protection to the waterproofing system.


The plants are grown on a blanket that’s harvested like turf. Once you have the waterproofing and any other landscaping components in place, the blanket is rolled out on top. The blankets are very lightweight, easy to maintain and provide instant greening to the roof.


Intensive green roofs are aimed for those who want to use their flat roof on a regular basis as a recreational garden, incorporating all the benefits usually associated with ground-level landscaping. They may be at the top of the building, but it’s becoming increasingly popular for city buildings to have a garden on top of an underground car park. The building’s full potential is employed to provide extra facilities.


Depending on how you want to use it, an intensive green roof may include shrubs, perennial and herbaceous plants, as well as grassed areas and even trees. It can also include paved areas, and we can help you combine the landscape design you want with the waterproofing needs.


Whether you’re looking to increase your recreational space, encourage biodiversity or improve the insulation and waterproofing of your flat roof in an environmentally friendly way, get in touch with us to find out more about our green roofing systems.