Strata Roofing supplies safe, effective waterproofing in the form of cold liquid applied roof coatings from the top manufacturers.



The task of structural waterproofing, especially for flat roofs, is to protect the building against moisture, providing long-term preservation to the building’s fabric and structure. Connections between building sections, fixtures and roof penetrations represent the weakest points for flat roofs. Waterproofing systems can successfully and smoothly integrate all connections and details.


The best option for all these requirements is liquid waterproofing, offering the most effective waterproofing for every detail. To ensure waterproofing you can depend on, we use only the most highly regarded systems, from Triflex and Alumasc.


Liquid applied roof coatings are applied cold, making them flame free and therefore safer than systems that need to be melted on. Expert fitters can apply them quickly and easily, and they cure very fast, providing a highly effective, long-lasting waterproof layer.


Liquid applied roof coatings form an elastomeric, seamless membrane that moves and breathes with the roof, adjusting to allow for fixings, seams, joints and welds. They can be used with equal effect on flat or sloping roofs.


We also work with liquid applied roof coating systems from our suppliers that offer an anti-skid finish. This enables them to be used for balconies and walkways, providing a surface that’s safe to walk on, at the same time as remaining reliably waterproof.


If you want a terrace system on your flat roof, a liquid applied roof coating is the perfect solution. The waterproofing will ensure that your terrace remains in excellent repair, while the anti-skid finish will make the surface safe for use.


At Strata Roofing our fitters are expert in all the systems of liquid applied roof coatings from our suppliers, and we can help you decide which system will best meet your particular needs. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.