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The roof is the barrier between your home or building and the elements of weather. Any issues with the integrity of a roof can lead to damp ingress, energy loss, heating loss or further structural damage to the property. The longer that roof damage goes unnoticed, the more costly the repair work might be. For this reason, it is fundamental that roofs are regularly checked for issues (we will cover this in another article).

Should the worst happen and damage to a roof is discovered, you will want to find a reliable and trusted roofing company to assist you with the repair work.

…but how do you know that a roofing company is reliable and trustworthy…?

We’ve laid out some key areas which should be considered when searching for a local roofing company that should help you find the right professional for the job.


Most people will ask family or friends if they can recommend a company for their roofing needs. After this option, more and more people are taking to social media to ask if local communities can recommend local businesses.

If you are using social media, remember that amongst the legitimate recommendations will be family and friends of roofing company owners and those with vested interests. Make sure that you do your due diligence and check out company websites and reviews etc. If you get to the stage where you have investigated someone’s recommendation, there are plenty of questions that you could ask to corroborate that recommendation:

· How did you find the roofing company?

· Were they recommended to you by anyone?

· Would you consider the roofer trustworthy and honest?

· Were they reliable and complete the project on time?

· Did you have to pay upfront and in what format?

Do not be afraid to ask questions. If someone is recommending a local roofing company through their own experience, they will be happy to share their reasons for their recommendation.


Like many industries, roofing has regulatory bodies which can give you an indicator of the trustworthiness or craftsmanship o0f a roofing contractor.

Here are some examples:

· NFRC – the NFRC is the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and is the biggest roofing trade association in the UK. The NFRC ensure that their members are up to date with all roofing developments and offer quality products and are quality contractors.

· COMPETENT ROOFER – The NFRC, in conjunction with the government, has implemented a Competent Person Scheme for roofing workers to ensure standards are maintained. Any business carrying the Competent Roofer logo should be an accredited member and are able to self-certify for building regulations on most projects. This reduces the need to wait for building inspectors to authorise projects. Work carried out by Competent Roofer members is also backed by a £50,000 insurance scheme and customers will receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate accordingly.

· CONSTRUCTIONLINE – from the perspective of the roofing industry, Constructionline are a regulatory body whose members adhere to an integral standard for products and services. You can rest assured that roofing companies using products from Constructionline approved companies will be using good quality products

· UKAS PRODUCT CERTIFICATION 7717 – The UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the national accreditation body for the UK as appointed by the government. UKAS assesses organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services (as per the roofing industry). 7717 specifically refers to roofing in conjunction with the Competent Roofer Scheme.

· CHAS - The contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a leading, award winning UK accreditation scheme for contractors and supply chain management services for clients. If you want reassurance that a local roofing company is compliance, adheres to health and safety and is accredited against this accordingly, then look out for the CHAS logo on their website or signage.


Once you have arrived at the choice to investigate a company further, you will want to look them up online. There are a host of things to look out for when checking the online portfolio of a local roofing company:

· WEBSITE – do they have a current, up-to-date, relevant website? Does it have a blog section with a recent article or has it been left to stagnate for moths or years? In general, does the website look like it is well cared for? An indication of how well the business looks online could be an indicator of how good their workmanship will be for your roof.

· SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES – does the company have a Facebook or Twitter page? Are their social media pages kept up to date? How many followers do they have (and importantly how many of those actually engage in their posts? Can you see examples of their previous projects? Are there plenty of recommendations and positive reviews on these platforms?

· LOCAL DIRECTORIES – is the company online in local directories? These could give some indication of how well established the business is, especially if there are reviews on directory sites.

· ACCREDITATIONS – does the business have logos of accrediting bodies on their website or other platforms? Are these accreditations linked to their respective verified pages or at least are they verifiable through a license or membership number?


When you have found a roofer or roofing company that you believe could be a good fit for your needs, get in touch with them to discuss your roofing project. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of. Some examples to ensure their credibility could be:

· How long have you been in business?

· What is your area of expertise?

· Can I contact your previous customers for a reference?

· Are you licensed? Fully insured?

· What accreditations do you have?

· What warranties does your work carry?

· How do I pay for the roofing project?

Add as many questions to this list as you like. A competent roofer will be able to answer all of them (and be happy to do so!)


Once you have decided on a company, you should talk through any roofing project with them prior to signing a contract or paying money. Again, there are several key questions or considerations that will spring to mind. Here are some examples of questions that you should ask:

· How long will the job take?

· Do you foresee any problems arising?

· What are your contingency plans for [highlighted problem]?

· What happens if the weather is not good?

· What materials will you use and how can I be sure these are of sound quality?

Make sure you are also happy with their set up and how they will access your roof. You may need access to certain parts of your property and your contractor will need to know in order to plan for a safe and efficient working environment that adheres to health and safety regulations.


If you are looking for a trusted and reliable local roofing company, it is worth taking some time to find a selection of potentials, take some time to perform due diligence and find one that can provide the right accreditations and qualifications and is open and happy to discuss all aspects of their business and your project.

This is how Strata Roofing conduct business and is why we are a local, trusted company for all roofing requirements. If you would like to discuss anything in this article with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01223 944041 or emailing us at info@strataroofing.co.uk


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