Strata Roofing specialises in re-roofing all domestic and commercial roofs, using a wide variety of natural and man-made products by leading producers Redland, Marley and Keymer.

Though their lifetime depends on the materials used, all roofs need to be replaced eventually, and it’s best if this is a planned procedure, rather than a reaction to an emergency. This will enable us to help you decide which of the many roofing materials will best suit your property, both practically and aesthetically.


Clay tiles have been the most popular roofing material in the UK for centuries, and there are very good reasons why. They’re relatively cheap compared with many other materials, versatile, hard-wearing and easily replaced if a single tile is cracked or blown off.


The tiles we use from our suppliers include both mass-produced and hand-made tiles in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes. We can also access high-quality tiles in a variety of shapes, both for practical needs and for decoration.


Concrete tiles are an alternative to the traditional clay. They have the advantage of being even tougher, and are unlikely to be damaged by the weather. On the other hand, they’re a good deal heavier, so are only suitable for buildings that can take their weight.


Slate is the most hard-wearing roofing material of all, as well as the most beautiful and stylish-looking, especially on heritage buildings. Likely to last at least a century, slate is the most fire resistant of all roofing materials, as well as being the most environmentally friendly.


Slate isn’t easy to install correctly, though, so it needs to be installed by top-class roofers. Strata Roofing offers expert fitting of slate roofs, as well as of clay and concrete tiles.


As with all our services, Strata Roofing’s  roof slating and tiling is fully guaranteed. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can offer you.